ZOOM Windows SDK  5.2.41727.0928
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IClosedCaptionController Class Referenceabstract

Closed caption controller interface. More...

#include <meeting_closedcaption_interface.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual SDKError SetEvent (IClosedCaptionControllerEvent *pEvent)=0
 Set the controller event of closed caption(CC).
virtual bool IsMeetingSupportCC ()=0
 Determine if the current meeting supports the CC feature.
virtual bool CanAssignOthersToSendCC ()=0
 Query if it is able to assign others to send CC.
virtual SDKError AssignCCPriviledge (unsigned int userid, bool bAssigned)=0
virtual bool CanBeAssignedToSendCC (unsigned int userid)=0
 Determine if the user can be assigned as a CC sender.
virtual bool CanSendClosedCaption ()=0
 Query if the user can send CC.
virtual SDKError SendClosedCaption (const wchar_t *ccMsg)=0
 Send the CC message.
virtual bool IsSaveCCEnabled ()=0
 Determine if it is enabled to save CC.
virtual SDKError SaveCCHistory ()=0
 History of saving CC.
virtual const wchar_t * GetClosedCaptionHistorySavedPath ()=0
 Get the path of saving CC.
virtual const wchar_t * GetClosedCaptionUrlFor3rdParty ()=0
 Get the CC URL used by the third party service.

Detailed Description

Closed caption controller interface.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AssignCCPriviledge()

virtual SDKError IClosedCaptionController::AssignCCPriviledge ( unsigned int  userid,
bool  bAssigned 
pure virtual

Assign a user to send CC. Zero(0) means to assign the current user himself.

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