ZOOM Windows SDK  5.2.42037.1112
8 #include "..\zoom_sdk_def.h"
14 {
15 public:
17  virtual void onAssignedToSendCC(bool bAssigned) = 0;
19  virtual void onClosedCaptionMsgReceived(const wchar_t* ccMsg, time_t time) = 0;
20 };
24 {
25 public:
27  virtual SDKError SetEvent(IClosedCaptionControllerEvent* pEvent) = 0;
29  virtual bool IsMeetingSupportCC() = 0;
31  virtual bool CanAssignOthersToSendCC() = 0;
34  virtual SDKError AssignCCPriviledge(unsigned int userid, bool bAssigned) = 0;
36  virtual bool CanBeAssignedToSendCC(unsigned int userid) = 0;
38  virtual bool CanSendClosedCaption() = 0;
40  virtual SDKError SendClosedCaption(const wchar_t* ccMsg) = 0;
42  virtual bool IsSaveCCEnabled() = 0;
44  virtual SDKError SaveCCHistory() = 0;
46  virtual const wchar_t* GetClosedCaptionHistorySavedPath() = 0;
48  virtual const wchar_t* GetClosedCaptionUrlFor3rdParty() = 0;
49 };
52 #endif
virtual SDKError AssignCCPriviledge(unsigned int userid, bool bAssigned)=0
virtual SDKError SaveCCHistory()=0
History of saving CC.
Closed caption controller interface.
Definition: meeting_closedcaption_interface.h:23
SDK error types. Here are more detailed structural descriptions.
Definition: zoom_sdk_def.h:29
virtual bool CanSendClosedCaption()=0
Query if the user can send CC.
virtual SDKError SendClosedCaption(const wchar_t *ccMsg)=0
Send the CC message.
virtual bool CanAssignOthersToSendCC()=0
Query if it is able to assign others to send CC.
Closed Caption controller callback event.
Definition: meeting_closedcaption_interface.h:13
virtual bool CanBeAssignedToSendCC(unsigned int userid)=0
Determine if the user can be assigned as a CC sender.
virtual SDKError SetEvent(IClosedCaptionControllerEvent *pEvent)=0
Set the controller event of closed caption(CC).
virtual void onClosedCaptionMsgReceived(const wchar_t *ccMsg, time_t time)=0
Callback event when the user receives Closed Caption messages.
virtual const wchar_t * GetClosedCaptionUrlFor3rdParty()=0
Get the CC URL used by the third party service.
virtual bool IsSaveCCEnabled()=0
Determine if it is enabled to save CC.
virtual void onAssignedToSendCC(bool bAssigned)=0
Callback event when the user is assigned to send Closed Caption messages.
virtual const wchar_t * GetClosedCaptionHistorySavedPath()=0
Get the path of saving CC.
virtual bool IsMeetingSupportCC()=0
Determine if the current meeting supports the CC feature.