ZOOM Windows SDK  5.2.41727.0928
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ICameraController Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ICameraController ()
 Set the controls for camera.
virtual SDKError SetEvent (ICameraControllerEvent *pEvent)=0
virtual bool IsValid ()=0
virtual SDKError BeginTurnLeft ()=0
 Adjust the camera: turn left.
virtual SDKError ContinueTurnLeft ()=0
virtual SDKError EndTurnLeft ()=0
virtual SDKError BeginTurnRight ()=0
 Adjust the camera: turn right.
virtual SDKError ContinueTurnRight ()=0
virtual SDKError EndTurnRight ()=0
virtual SDKError BeginTurnUp ()=0
 Adjust the camera: turn up.
virtual SDKError ContinueTurnUp ()=0
virtual SDKError EndTurnUp ()=0
virtual SDKError BeginTurnDown ()=0
 Adjust the camera: turn down.
virtual SDKError ContinueTurnDown ()=0
virtual SDKError EndTurnDown ()=0
virtual SDKError BeginZoomIn ()=0
 Adjust the camera: zoom camera in, move the camera angle closer to the players/field.
virtual SDKError ContinueZoomIn ()=0
virtual SDKError EndZoomIn ()=0
virtual SDKError BeginZoomOut ()=0
 Adjust the camera: zoom camera out, move the camera angle far from the players/field.
virtual SDKError ContinueZoomOut ()=0
virtual SDKError EndZoomOut ()=0
virtual SDKError CanControlCamera (bool &bCan)=0

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