ZOOM Windows SDK  5.2.41727.0928
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IMeetingServiceEvent Class Referenceabstract

Meeting service callback event. More...

#include <meeting_service_interface.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void onMeetingStatusChanged (MeetingStatus status, int iResult=0)=0
 Meeting status changed callback. More...
virtual void onMeetingStatisticsWarningNotification (StatisticsWarningType type)=0
 Meeting statistics warning notification callback. More...
virtual void onMeetingSecureKeyNotification (const char *key, int len, IMeetingExternalSecureKeyHandler *pHandler)=0
 Callback notification of meeting secure key, supported only by special account. More...
virtual void onMeetingParameterNotification (const MeetingParameter *meeting_param)=0
 Meeting parameter notification callback. More...

Detailed Description

Meeting service callback event.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onMeetingParameterNotification()

virtual void IMeetingServiceEvent::onMeetingParameterNotification ( const MeetingParameter meeting_param)
pure virtual

Meeting parameter notification callback.

meeting_paramMeeting parameter. For more details, see MeetingParameter.
The callback will be triggered right before the meeting starts. The meeting_param will be destroyed once the function calls end.

◆ onMeetingSecureKeyNotification()

virtual void IMeetingServiceEvent::onMeetingSecureKeyNotification ( const char *  key,
int  len,
IMeetingExternalSecureKeyHandler pHandler 
pure virtual

Callback notification of meeting secure key, supported only by special account.

keyThe secure key of current meeting.
lenThe length of secure key.
pHandlerThe handler used to set the external secure key or leave meeting.
The pHandler will be destroyed by the SDK once the function calls end.

◆ onMeetingStatisticsWarningNotification()

virtual void IMeetingServiceEvent::onMeetingStatisticsWarningNotification ( StatisticsWarningType  type)
pure virtual

Meeting statistics warning notification callback.

typeThe warning type of the meeting statistics. For more details, see StatisticsWarningType.

◆ onMeetingStatusChanged()

virtual void IMeetingServiceEvent::onMeetingStatusChanged ( MeetingStatus  status,
int  iResult = 0 
pure virtual

Meeting status changed callback.

statusThe value of meeting. For more details, see MeetingStatus.
iResultDetailed reasons for special meeting status. If the status is MEETING_STATUS_FAILED, the value of iResult is one of those listed in MeetingFailCode enum. If the status is MEETING_STATUS_ENDED, the value of iResult is one of those listed in MeetingEndReason.

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