ZOOM Windows SDK  5.2.41727.0928
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IAuthServiceEvent Class Referenceabstract

Authentication service callback event. More...

#include <auth_service_interface.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void onAuthenticationReturn (AuthResult ret)=0
 Authentication result callback. More...
virtual void onLoginRet (LOGINSTATUS ret, IAccountInfo *pAccountInfo)=0
 Callback of login result. More...
virtual void onLogout ()=0
 Logout result callback.
virtual void onZoomIdentityExpired ()=0
 Zoom identity has expired, please re-login or generate a new zoom access token via REST Api.
virtual void onZoomAuthIdentityExpired ()=0
 Zoom authentication identity will be expired in 10 minutes, please re-auth.

Detailed Description

Authentication service callback event.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onAuthenticationReturn()

virtual void IAuthServiceEvent::onAuthenticationReturn ( AuthResult  ret)
pure virtual

Authentication result callback.

retAuthentication result value. For more details, see AuthResult enum.

◆ onLoginRet()

virtual void IAuthServiceEvent::onLoginRet ( LOGINSTATUS  ret,
IAccountInfo pAccountInfo 
pure virtual

Callback of login result.

retLogin status. see LOGINSTATUS enum.
pAccountInfoValid when the ret is LOGINRET_SUCCESS. Otherwise NULL.

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