ZOOM Windows SDK  5.2.41727.0928
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IBOAdmin Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual bool StartBO ()=0
virtual bool StopBO ()=0
virtual bool AssignNewUserToRunningBO (const wchar_t *strUserID, const wchar_t *strBOID)=0
virtual bool SwitchAssignedUserToRunningBO (const wchar_t *strUserID, const wchar_t *strBOID)=0
virtual bool CanStartBO ()=0
virtual void SetEvent (IBOAdminEvent *pEvent)=0
virtual bool JoinBOByUserRequest (const wchar_t *strUserID)=0
virtual bool IgnoreUserHelpRequest (const wchar_t *strUserID)=0
virtual bool BroadcastMessage (const wchar_t *strMsg)=0

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