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ZoomSDKUserAudioStauts Class Reference

ZOOM SDK audio information. More...

#import <ZoomSDKMeetingActionController.h>

Inheritance diagram for ZoomSDKUserAudioStauts:

Instance Methods

(unsigned int) - getUserID
 Get the user ID. More...
(ZoomSDKAudioStatus) - getStatus
 Get the status of the audio. More...
(ZoomSDKAudioType) - getType
 Get the audio type of the user. More...

Protected Attributes

unsigned int _userID
ZoomSDKAudioStatus _status
ZoomSDKAudioType _type

Detailed Description

ZOOM SDK audio information.

Method Documentation

◆ getStatus

- (ZoomSDKAudioStatus) getStatus

Get the status of the audio.

The audio status.

◆ getType

- (ZoomSDKAudioType) getType

Get the audio type of the user.

The audio type.

◆ getUserID

- (unsigned int) getUserID

Get the user ID.

If the function succeeds, it will return user ID.

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