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MobileRTCMeetingService(BO) Category Reference

Instance Methods

(MobileRTCBOCreator *_Nullable) - getCreatorHelper
 get MobileRTCBOCreator object
(MobileRTCBOAdmin *_Nullable) - getAdminHelper
 get MobileRTCBOAdmin object
(MobileRTCBOAssistant *_Nullable) - getAssistantHelper
 get MobileRTCBOAssistant object
(MobileRTCBOAttendee *_Nullable) - getAttedeeHelper
 get MobileRTCBOAttendee object
(MobileRTCBOData *_Nullable) - getDataHelper
 get MobileRTCBOData object
(BOOL) - isMasterMeetingHost
 is user are host in mast meeting.
(BOOL) - isBOMeetingStarted
 is BO meeting started.
(BOOL) - isBOMeetingEnabled
 is BO meeting feature enabled in web page.
(BOOL) - isInBOMeeting
 is in bo meeting right now.

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