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1. Need Cross-site Tracking.

Zoom Recaptcha feature need write third-party cookie.

1.1 IOS/IpadOS Safari. Settings -> Safari

1.2 Mac Safari. Safari -> Preference -> Privacy

1.3 Chrome >= 83 Incognito Mode, allow third-party-cookie or don't use Incognito Mode

2. Google Recaptcha click Cancel/Continue no response

2.1 use inspect tool

2.2 open network pannel. refresh page and find a google continue link

2.3 open the link and pass google rebot check

2.4 back to zoom recaptcha and click continue

3. Run Zoom WebSDK 1.7.9 only work blow port.


If you website run other port like https://youdomain:8843 , Please update 1.7.10

4. Use iFrame recaptcha don't work

WebSDK use popup window to check Recaptcha, so you need add blow sandbox when use iFrame.

  sandbox = "allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox"